Our Cubby & Fort Range

  • The Tower
  • The Hideout
  • The Hut (S) +Bridge to Fort (S) with accessories
  • The Hut (S) 1.5 In ground elevation
  • The Hut (S) 1.2 IG on slope
  • The Hut In ground 1.5m stained
  • The Hut Small with Covered Alfresco area
  • Door To Tower: Add a Tower to your Cubby
  • The Fort Small and swing set
  • The Hideout Small
  • The Hut Large Elev. 450mm. Stained. Letterbox & Steering wheel
  • The Hut Stained. Elev. 450mm
  • The Hut 1.5m sandpit, Slide, rock wall & Steering wheel
  • The Hut Cubby
  • Playhouse with Stable doors and flower box
  • The Hut Medium In ground elevation 1.5m. Slide
  • Optional Cafe Servery
  • The Hut Large 1.5m with extra side deck and accessories
  • The Hut Large 1.5m with extra side deck and accessories
  • The Hut & Fort Small with bridge 1.5m Firepole and slide
  • The Fort Small, Bridge and The Hut Large Cubby 1.5m. Slides
  • The Hut 1.2m in ground with Slide, telescope and rock wall.
  • The Fort Small 1.5m in ground Rockwall, slide, periscope.
  • The Fort Large 2.44m x 2.54m on ground. Steering wheel, periscope
  • The Fort Large 2.44m x 2.54m Steering wheel & periscope.
  • The Hut 1.2m Slide, rock wall, pirate flag. handles, telescope
  • Cubby with extra side deck, rock wall, net rope, slide, spin bar.
  • Cubby extra deck 1.5m with sandpit & accessories.
  • The Fort Small. We can elevate it 450mm, 1200mm or 1500mm and add slide, rock wall, firemans pole or claiming net.
  • The Fort Small. The possibilities are endless. Platform size 1.84m x 1.94m.

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The Hut

The Hut features a gable roof, a verandah and three sliding windows. It is available in three sizes. The Hut can be styled to suit different themes – a shop, a police station, a post office, a house. Just add any of our colourful features and accessories and you can create your own magical space.

A covered sandpit or covered Alfresco area can be added to the side for extra fun. An elevation Kit can be added for either flat or sloping ground which adds endless possibilities for rock climbing wall, net rope, fireman’s pole or slide. A Tower can be added to the back if you prefer The Hut at ground level but still wish to have a slide and rock wall. The possibilities are endless.
Construction: Treated Timber. Optional Staining Available

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All Abilities

With a wider doorway, no hinged door and a deeper verandah, the All Abilities cubby is designed for all little adventurers. A ramp and a wider doorway enables easy access for wheelchairs, prams, bikes and trikes.

As Pictured: The gable has an 850mm wide door and window opening and a 1280mm deep verandah with same width access ramp. (NB: No door or perspex fitted to the door and window openings.) The access ramp can be fitted to left, right or front of verandah – please nominate position at time of order. One standard window in the side.
Construction: Treated Timber. Optional Staining Available.

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The Beach Shack

With no verandah, this cubby is great for limited space, while still having plenty of room to play. Depending on your garden space, you can also add a sheltered sandpit, an Alfresco area or a Cafe Servery on one side.

Construction: Treated Timber. Optional Staining available
As Pictured: The Beach Shack Medium. Stained.

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The Fort

The Fort is a wonderful outdoor play centre the whole family can enjoy. You can choose to install the fort on the ground or add an elevation, which will open up endless adventure possibilities. Once an elevation is included you can look at adding features such as a slide, a scramble net, a rock wall, a fireman’s pole, a sandpit. This playground will keep your children entertained for days.
Construction: Treated Timber. Optional Staining available.
As pictured: The Fort Large

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